Hampden, here I come!

I love Hampden. In my opinion, this is one of the best neighborhoods in B'more. I was looking forward to going to the Rock Band Competition presented by Atomic Pop on Friday night. As usual, I misunderstood the concept of the event. After setting my mind on one thing, I tend to believe in that "one" thing! I thought this competition was about playing the real instruments and competing against other bands. When we got there, people were staring at the wall. I didn't hear loud music coming out from inside. "???" I see myself having question marks on top of my head. "What is going on?!" This competition was about playing the XBox360 game called Rock Band. There are bass/lead guitars, drum, and a mic for a vocalist. It turned out that it was more exciting to watch people trying to complete the songs with these miniature instruments.

This event was held to raise money for Moveable Feast which helps people living with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses as they deliver meals and groceries (more info).

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Meh! I could tell that my pictures won't come out as nice as I wanted them to be. I was having a hard time adjusting under the different types of lights. I could have done better shooting. I hate to struggle while I'm shooting :/ I should have got more varieties too.

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